RoundUp Health and Safety

We will hold a Health & Safety Briefing at the start of each day. All participants must attend.

In all emergencies, please follow the directions of the Health & Safety Officer.

In a major disaster the hall is the Ashhurst community Civil Defence Centre. In such an instance, please follow the advice of emergency personal.

Fire Wardens/Health & Safety Officers:

Paul Budvietas

First Aid:

Paul Budvietas

Any questions on Health and Safety are to be directed towards the Health and Safety officers. The Health and Safety Officer’s decision is final.

Emergency Evacuations


Make sure you are familiar with the location of the fire alarm activation switches and the evacuation assembly area.

In the event of fire being discovered sound the alarm by activating the nearest fire alarm switch.

Please follow instructions of the Fire Wardens to evacuate.

The Fire Warden will call 111 to advise the Fire Service.


Take cover under tables or in doorways, away from windows. Crouch face down, with your head and neck covered. If no tables are available, crouch face down, head and neck covered, against the nearest wall.

If safe to do so, please switch off your equipment before taking cover.

Setup of equipment

Upon your arrival at the Hall you will be allocated a space to use during the weekend. You are responsible for the safe set up of equipment and supplies within your designated area.

All equipment must be placed on the carpet squares provided to eliminate damage to the floor.

All lathes must be fitted with a screen/shield to stop any objects, which may detach from the lathe, from hitting anyone or anything else.

Do not place equipment, wood, tools etc. in walkways where they could be a hazard to other people.

You are responsible for the transport of your gear in/out of the hall. Please be mindful of others during this time, and when loading/unloading from your car/trailer please be as quick as possible.

Your assistance with hall clean up at the end of the event is appreciated. Please make sure your work area is clean and tidy, and give a hand to others where possible. Remember, many hands make light work.

Electrical power

Please bring any power cables and plug boxes that you need with you. All power cables must be free from damage and have no visible metal wires. Please ensure any cables and plug boxes are of a suitable grade to connect your machinery to the power supply. Do not overload plug boards, etc. with excessive connections.

All power cables are to be kept away from walkways.

Operation of woodworking equipment 

Only people registered as Participants are to operate any equipment. Please make sure you are familiar with the equipment before use, and ask if you need any help or instruction.

Ensure all equipment is turned off when it is not in use.

Machinery must be used at all times in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and in a manner that will not endanger any other person. Anyone operating equipment in a manner deemed to be dangerous or inappropriate by the Health & Safety Officer will be asked to cease. You must follow any instructions given to you by the Health & Safety Officer in regard to any Health & Safety issue. Any decision made by the Health & Safety Officer is final.

Appropriate Personal Protection Equipment must be worn when operating equipment, including (but not limited to) eye protection, respiratory protection and hearing protection. It is recommended that participants wear safety shoes/boots.

In consideration for all other participants and attendees please do not undertake

excessive sanding. Dust is to be kept to a minimum at all times. 

Please keep your work area tidy throughout the weekend. Remove wood shavings from around your equipment on a regular basis to prevent the risk of fire.

Ensure there is no flammable material close to any grinding equipment. All cloths, rags, etc. used for the application of oils and/or polishes must be removed from the building overnight and placed in the open air.

Smoke Free Policy

All buildings are smoke free areas.


Be aware that children may be on site, especially after the local church meeting on Sunday morning.

You are encouraged to take any valuables away from the site overnight. You are responsible for the safe keeping of your valuables at all times.

Any questions on Health and Safety are to be directed towards the Health and Safety Officers. The Health and Safety Officer’s decision is final.

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