The Carving Focus Group meets on the second Thursday of every month from 7:00pm - 9:00pm in the Guild’s Don Tietjens Hall, 38 Featherston St, Palmerston North.

The Pyrography, Carving and Scrollsaw groups also come together on the third Thursday of every month from 7:30pm - 9:00pm.

We love to help guild members of all experience levels to develop and hone their skills. All other Focus Group members are welcome to attend.

Carving is often seen as a skill of past years, but this doesn’t stop our group from doing 3D wood puzzles, chip carving, furniture embellishment, and carving in the round of chess pieces to busts. Your imagination is the limit.

Top carvers have a huge range of chisels, but as a beginner you can get by with just a few tools and possibly borrow specialist chisels from members. Knowing where to buy a good deal may be really useful in keeping costs down.

A good workshop and timber supply are the least of your worries, but you do need time – sometimes at the kitchen table or in front of TV.

As well as learning carving techniques, you will be taught how to sharpen your chisels. Keeping a keen edge requires sharpening every 10-20 minutes. But if you are already an expert we look forward to learning from you.

We show and tell; help each other sort out challenges; and do woodwork.

To become a member of the Carving Focus Group, you will need to be a financial member of the Manawatu Woodworkers Guild.


The WOOD CARVING Focus Group has members whose skills range from beginner to intermediate. The group meets on the second Thursday evening of the month for members to display, discuss and work on their projects. Advice and tuition from experienced carvers is also a feature of these meetings.

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