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If you are interested in woodworking then the guild membership can offer you many benefits

  • Access to guild focus groups where you can learn from experienced members about the facets of the guild
  • Access to our collection of woodworking books for loan
  • Access to the guild workshop allowing you to work with equipment you do not have in your own workshop.
  • Access to guild only web material
  • Discounts at various stores around the Manawatu
  • Guild member only events such as workshops, training, and NAW events
  • Years of knowledge in our people to help you with your own projects
  • Community projects like our school holiday program and Toy groups that will help you develop your skills as well as help the community
  • Woodworking competitions with prizes.
  • Opportunities to get resources like timber for your projects
  • Networking opportunities to meet with woodworkers nationwide
  • Opportunities to sell your own pieces
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Privacy Policy

All Information on this form is collected for guild use only and is used to contact you about guild events and to email the guild newsletter. This information will be provided to the executive and the group leaders for the purpose of contacting you for guild business. It will not be given to any 3rd party organisations or used for any other purpose but guild business.

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