Wood turning focus group meets every fortnight to help guild members of all experience levels to develop and hone their skills.

For those with little or no experience, the guild will organise mentors to make sure you get a good start in this exciting craft. Experienced wood turners are glad to share their expertise.

The guild has lathes, chisels and other resources for members’ use and a well-stocked library and shop.

New members are welcome to use guild equipment and get advice before buying their own tools.

Once you are a member of the guild you are welcome to join as many focus groups as you wish.

Segmented Turning

SEGMENTED TURNING is done on a wood lathe like ordinary turning, except the work-piece is built up from numerous small pieces of wood. 

It offers many artistic advantages, as you can use various coloured woods to create beautiful and unique patterns or images.


Uses a wood lathe to convert blocks of wood, often firewood, into beautiful objects ideal for gifts and display. The thrill is turning a bit of ordinary looking wood and seeing the beautiful patterns and colours that emerge as work progresses.

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