Neil Turner 5th April 2019

Two demonstrations starting 1:30pm and 7:00pm

Cost to attend:

  • Afternoon NAW members $25; Non-NAW members $55
  • Evening NAW members $20; Non-NAW members $40
  • All three NAW members $30; Non-NAW members $75 Afternoon.

Afternoon: Sphere Turning

Manawatu Woodworkers Guild - dsc 1949 60844

A sphere between centres, and the use of templates to help during the turning process. A fantastic canvas to carve on: spiral patterns, coral forms, leaf motifs and various simple textures. The best tools to use to achieve the embellishments either the Dremel, air tool, or Micro motor and the advantages of each. Demonstrate the range of burs required to make the textures.

Afternoon. Thin-walled Bowl

Manawatu Woodworkers Guild - NT 32 93197.1386037850.386.513

We will discuss the design options tool choices to turn an even, and thin, wall thickness using a simple gauge. Options to finish the base of this fragile work will also be shown. I will use a micro motor machine to embellish the piece and will discuss the many options this has, such as easy burr change, which are better than other machines. Consider the carving and embellishing options for this form and the range of burrs needed to achieve the desired outcome.

Evening. Sea Urchin Box

Manawatu Woodworkers Guild - DSC 1754 39883.1486877730.386.513

A small box with a difference as it uses a central post to locate the lid. The entire process to make this box, including the tricky moves needed to clean the bottom after all the decoration is done. Marking out for embellishment using the indexing facility and describe other jigs to assist the marking out process. We will consider the differences between Dremels, air tools and Micro motor machines.

Bring some raffle money as the items Neil makes will be raffled at the end of the day. May be another raffle too.

Sponsored by Timberly Woodturning

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